Sardinia Weather Reports

The weather in Sardinia is not always uniform thanks to the relatively large size of the island and the diversity of its terrain. As Sardinia has both plains and mountains, the coastal and the inner part areas, these factors may often influence its weather patterns. This is especially true for precipitation and wind conditions. So, you may check out the weather report for some specific place in Sardinia by entering it in the search box below:

In case of multiple locations with the given name being found by the weather engine, please pick one from the list by country (IT stands for Italy), region (Sardegna means Sardinia in Italian) or some other criteria. The weather reports are supported at least for the following towns in the region:

  • Cagliari
  • Alghero
  • Arzachena
  • Assemini
  • Cabras
  • Capoterra
  • Carbonia
  • Elmas
  • Guspini
  • Iglesias
  • Ittiri
  • La Maddalena
  • Macomer
  • Monserrato
  • Nuoro
  • Olbia
  • Oristano
  • Ozieri
  • Porto Torres
  • Quartu Sant’Elena
  • Quartucciu

You may also use Sardinia map to find out the name and location of some other place in Sardinia and take a look at the corresponding weather report.