Spring in Sardinia

The spring field in Sardinia covered with yellow flowers

Spring in Sardinia begins early, and is a delightful time to visit. It is often described as Sardinia’s most pleasant time of the year in the warm Mediterranean climate. Sardinia is renowned for its beautiful beaches and translucent sapphire blue seas, with over 1,800 kilometers of unspoiled coastline. With the flowers in full bloom by mid-spring, and the sunshine averaging nine hours per day by May, it is no wonder that visitors return time and time again to this gorgeous Italian island.

In spring, Sardinia air temperatures are rising, from a March average of 12 °C to 18 °C in May. What’s remarkable is that the Mediterranean water temperatures are rising almost in the same range, from an average of 13 °C in March to 16 °C in May. The most rainy spring month is March with about 8 days of precipitation and 45 mm of rainfall. The number of rainy days per month goes down to 4 days by May and rainfall decreases to 26 mm. The spring winds can be quite strong sometimes. The most common ones are Mistral with Tramontane coming from the north or north-west and the southern Sirocco.

The Sardinian springtime is a lovely time, and the contrasting green of the rocky mountainsides, with blooming foliage, and crystal azure waters is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Not only is the Sardinian spring warm and welcoming, so are its people. The vibrant towns have colorful festivals year around, and the local people enjoy sharing their interesting history, traditions, and heritage. In the spring, Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Holy Week is full of parades, celebrations, festivals, and processions. Other festivals are annual affairs too. In April, runners can participate in the Cagliari Marathon along the breath-taking coastline, and boat lovers can attend the big Boat Show in Porto Rondo. May begins with the four-day Saint Efisio celebration in Caligari, and at Costa Smerlda, there is the world-famous Yacht Race. Also in May, visitors can go to the renowned car race, Rally d’Italia Sardegna; the Porto Cervo Wine Festival; or the equally famous horse run, the Calvacata Sarda.

And if you are hoping to enjoy some private rest and relaxation, there are the tranquil sun-bleached beaches, tours into the rugged mountains, biking, hiking, boat rentals, snorkeling, and all sorts of local events depending on where you will be staying. And thanks to comfortable temperatures, days with strong winds and empty beaches this part of the year is also an excellent time for windsurfing and kitesurfing. So all in all, spring in Sardinia is a lovely and pleasurable time to enjoy visiting it.